Example Of Narrative Therapy

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Everyone have “Problem” which are invisible. Therefore, the narrative practice is using narrative skills on stories and storytelling to look for their “Problem”. Everyone may have different stories about themselves, struggles, competencies, actions, desires, relationships, work, interests, conquests, achievements, and failures which affect their life. (Morgan. A., 2000.) In the narrative therapy, it would like to use the respectful focus on people to externalize the problems. As we know, the therapists using the story to understand or interpreting what their “problem” through their daily experiences, which is meaningful in the conservations by using in the narrative therapy. Narrative Therapy is skillful for the therapists in interpreting …show more content…

A narrative makes the events link up together and forms a story. When I heard from Morgan, I understand the narrative therapy is using the storytelling to find out the dominant events orderly and understand to meaning for them clearly.
In my understanding, I think narrative practice is one of the counseling methods which is helping the clients to find out the externalize problems throughout the conservations to tell the story of them in the interview. When someone who come to seeking help to the counselor or social worker for the therapeutic conversations, I think they would not very happy or faced problems in their lives and they wanted to solve the “problems”. The people can able to use their ability to overcome the life challenges.
As I know, by using the narrative practice should follow the rules which related to define of dominant life events which are important to the clients. After finding out the significant in orderly then it will formulate the major or minor plot to understand the events which occur in the life clearly. When the dominant stories affect the daily life, then it needed to solve the problems by using their self-ability to overcome this

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