Example Of Observation Report

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Observation-is a great fundamental assessment that will allow us to gain information about general strengths and weaknesses of this learner. Robert M. is one of the 10 gifted and talented students in this particular 4th grade class (Data resource – acceptance to gifted and talented program letter, personal file). Observation of Robert’s skills during the class work time (data resource – personal notes): - High performance capabilities in the ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies areas; - Intellectual capabilities are beyond the average level of students in the 4th grade; - High level of performance in the areas that require critical thinking and problem solving; - Problem solving solutions are usually presented in the unusual, creative…show more content…
2. Pair-share writing assignment, where another student would have a set of really good penmanship skills. 3. Include 1-2 minute stretch break for everybody every 30 to 45 minutes and ask him to wait for the next stretch brake, so we can do it together, but until then encourage him to focus on the class discussion or activity. Random comments will disappear once a certain amount of focus is present. Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment will inform us about Robert’s reading abilities, his comprehension of the text, fluency and vocabulary. According to Fountas and Pinnell reading level system, Robert’s reading level is “W” (Data source – Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment). Just for comparison purposes, the average reading level in this 4th grade class is “Q”. Robert scored 3 out of 3 on the comprehension evaluation and only 2 out of 3 on fluency, which means that his reading fluency is in need of some improvement. His fluency score was affected by faster than normal reading speed and that, in turn, was followed by careless reading mistakes and loss of expression through obvious disregard of the punctuation. Robert’s overconfidence that he knows the material, and no text is difficult enough for him is also making him feel as he needs to read the text faster. Following strategies will help Robert to improve his reading fluency: 1. To encourage Robert to slow down and read with expression during the
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