Example Of Propaganda In 1984

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In a dystopian society, there is no such thing as “freedom.” The basic rights that human beings are born with are non-existent. Life for the citizens is made unjust, unfair, selfless, and cruel in order to satisfy the needs of the corporate control, also known as the party inside of the novel. In 1984, the depicted world where the party members lives are attracted to the government in every way possible is portrayed , just as a gear would turn a wheel. The strong government power implants lies and false beliefs inside the minds of citizens, making them brainwashed and unable to contain any other substance. In every case their is always a protagonist, or two, itching to escape the tight grip of the mental and physical hold that is placed upon them by the controller. Inside of the powerful novel 1984, propaganda, rigorous laws, and surveillance characterizes the society. Propaganda is a way of showing “tough love” and giving the citizens a false image in a dystopian society. This is the “bullet” in the party’s gun when it come to mind control. Brain washing opposes the citizens personal beliefs and forces them have more faith in the party. The main type of propaganda portrayed in the book is used to alter the truth: The party calls this action “doublethink.” This action is shown in the party's central theme, “War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is strength”(Orwell 4). The slogan assures the citizens that they are already living a life that they are craving to
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