Example Of Unreported Resistance

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Give (lots of) examples of the “Unreported Resistance.”
The 1970s was an eventful time in United States history. During the decade citizens saw positive actions committed by government officials such as ending the Vietnam War and negative actions such as the Watergate scandal. Notable, the United States documented an “unreported resistance” among its citizens. The “unreported resistance” was made of the numerous American men and women who did not support the government actions at the time. They protested nuclear plants, government munitions deals with Nicaragua, and they were not accurately represented in voting.
Starting with voting, voting was an important example of the “unreported resistance.” In the 1980 presidential election, Reagan won the election with 51.6 percent of the popular vote, which was twenty seven percent of eligible voters. Due to the electoral system, a small margin of popular votes can create a large margin of electoral votes. The media can declare a landslide for a presidential candidate, but it does not represent nearly what the majority of the nation wants. This unrepresented group was the unreported resistance. With only twenty seven percent of eligible voters choosing the president, then a large group goes unreported. This is seen in not just presidential elections, but in other aspects of government. For example, a poll demonstrated that sixty one percent of Americans were in favor of a single payer healthcare system, yet government officials

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