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An Essay on My Ambition in Life
Ambition is not always praiseworthy. Sometimes odium attaches to it. Milton calls it ‘the last infirmity of noble minds’. Ambition for power and conquest has wrought no end of misery in this world. But ambition also inspires man to ‘scorn delights and live laborious days’. It rouses the spirit of emulation in gifted persons. In the humbler stations of life, to which most of us belong, it acts as an impetus to good work. Surely such an ambition is not to be condemned. Ambition becomes a vice only if I seek to improve my position in life at the expense of other, or to serve my own interest without offending others. When, for example, I am asked to state what my ambition in life is, the assumption certainly is that …show more content…

But I find that, in the world as it is today, we are often faced with a problem, or a dilemma. We have all to earn our livelihood and do our duty to our families. But this may be in conflict with an inner urge to serve society in some form or other. It is often difficult to reconcile these two urges in our life. We would like to dedicate ourselves to the betterment of society, but our personal life takes up so much our time, that we become selfish almost perforce. Usually we are required to sacrifice the one to other. That is why many who have been idealists in youth turn cynics as they grow …show more content…

I confess a weakness for the ideals of a teacher. I know that a teacher in our country is bound to be poor. Yet to be a teacher is to me a noble ambition. I like to imagine myself watching the slowly expanding minds of young people like the petals of flowers, and helping them to receive eagerly the light of knowledge. But then I hesitate when I think of the poverty, and drudgery of a teacher’s life. It may it may be that, driven by this poverty, I may be forced to sacrifice the ideals that I cherish in order to do my duties to myself and my family. To take up duties to which one cannot be blind to the heroism that underlies a teacher’s calling. To me that is an inspiring

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