Examples Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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Like many other heroes, Beowulf's ultimate goal is to be remembered as a brave, legendary hero. He wants to win fame and glory for himself, as that was considered very honorable in his time. Also like other heroes, Beowulf is very strong and skilled with fighting.

There once was a little pig. The little pig wished to be big. No one knew why the pig wanted to be big. Everyone thought the pig was fine the way he was. But the pig was sad. He really wanted to be big. He didn't like his stubby legs, or short little tail. He hated his pudgy little belly. The little pig hated being little. And so he was sad. Then, one fine morning, the little pig got an idea. He decided to go on an adventure to find a way to get big! He would not return until he did! So the little pig set out on his expidition immediately. He ran through the grassy fields, where he lived. He searched far and wide for a way to become big. Many weeks went by, and the pig could not find
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He looked down at his friends and family with a big piggy smile on his face. The pig began stomping around. He crushed their homes as he bounced around. He destroyed their fences and food crops. The pig's friends and family stared at him in horror as they watched him destroy their homes and all their belongings. They cried for him to stop, but instead, the big pig began stomping on them. He crushed their bodies under his gigantic hooves. The other animals screamed with terror as they watched their friends and family be murdered by their beloved pig. And if that wasn't enough, the pig began devouring their corpses. One by one, he killed and ate all of his friends and family, until there was nothing left but the old ruins of their homes. The pig finally settled down on some grass, satisfied and full and as big as can be. He finally has some time to relax after his long journey, and he accomplished all he wanted to do with his life. The pig was finally

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