Examples Of Calpurnia In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The conflict between Calpurnia and Scout In the Novel “To kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Calpurnia really cares about Scout. Calpurnia is a cook in the Finch's home, she is very stern and bullheaded. Scout is the narrator of the story she was only six to ten years old. Consequently Scout doesn't want to accept the fact that Calpurnia cares about her ; this is shown in young children it's hard for them to understand when older people actually care about them. Calpurnia has lived in Maycomb County her whole life she has experienced things way more things than scout has. In this example in Chapter ten, there was an dog walking down the street. Scout thought it was a amicable dog and that it was just lost, Calpurnia knew it was ill because the way the dog's behavior was and how the dog's appearance was. Scout was a young child in the 1930s, it was after the Great Depression and the Economy was recovering from the tragedies that has taken place during this time period. Scout is a tomboy who wants to fight…show more content…
One time Cal scolded Scout and Scout talked to Atticus and wanted her removed from the house. But after that she realized Calpurnia only cared for her and wasn't trying to be rude. When you get older you get to have more emotions and for a 7 year old I feel like you wouldn't care that much if there was a killer in town that was raping young teenagers. But if you were in Calpurnia's situation you would feel very scared and frightened and would keep all the doors locked in your house and not have your kids go out at night. Scout Finch a seeker and adventurer,teaches her readers to never give up and always have your head held up high,no matter what faces you in the future. For example, during the great depression, the tom Robinson trials and when Boo Radley had to kill Bob ewell.All those events cause her to have a Different Point-Of-View than
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