Examples Of Capitalitarianism In The Jungle

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In Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, his main idea is to push for socialism because he thinks you have to be corrupt in order to practice capitalism. Throughout the novel he makes numerous metaphors about how capitalism is bad and a person must be corrupt in order to be successful. The main example for this is the main character Jurgis Rudkus, who displayed various acts of corruption in order to survive and make a living for himself. I’m the end of the novel, Upton Sinclair had Jurgis become really involved in a socialist party, and he allegedly did fine. Throughout the novel numerous acts of dishonesty were displayed. At the beginning Jurgis was a strong and determined man, as the years past he became skinnier and went down the …show more content…

The extremely cold temperatures was the main reason people would die and get lost on their way home, or it could lead to the loss of fingers, toes, and even ears. The cold was the reason Jurgis lost the majority of his family, and the poor work conditions. When his family started to pass away one by one that is when he went over the edge and became a corrupt man. The metaphors used by Upton Sinclair became a leading role for things to come in the novel, most of his metaphors were showing how bad capitalism is and the socialism is the best way to run your country. The order of society are the social classes such as, high class, middle class, and low class. The main two classes were high class and low class there was no in between you were either rich or dirt poor. Jurgis first starts out in the low class when he first comes to the country. As the time goes by and things get worse for him Jurgis starts to a live a life of frequent crime which allows him to be able to move up in social classes, although he doesn’t become super rich he does good enough to be able feed himself and make sure he has a place to sleep. Jurgis always managed to stay right there in the middle not to poor and not to rich. Throughout the novel Jurgis meets a number of people who help him along the way, and they were in the high class. The majority of the people he met and made friends with were very rich. The people Jurgis meets

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