Examples Of Categorisation

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“ Categorisation is not a matter to be taken lightly. There is nothing more basic than categorisation to our thought, perception, action and speech. Every time we see something as kind of thing, for example, a tree, we are categorising. Whenever we reason about kinds of things (…) we are employing categories. Whenever we intentionally perform any kind of action (…) we are using categories”. (Lakoff 1987: 6)
We categorise all physical objects and motor activities we come across in our everyday life and we make decisions based on those categories. “Without the ability to categorise, we could not function at all, either in the physical world or in our social and intellectual lives. An understanding of how we categorise is central to any understanding of how we think and how we function, and therefore central to an understanding of what makes us human”. (Lakoff 1987: 6) Although traditional Aristotelian view on categories provides answers that differ from the recent research, both classical and cognitive theories see categorisation as crucial to understanding how human beings make sense of experience and how they communicate. Categorization is basic to human thought, perception, action, and speech. It is …show more content…

Only truthfulness of the statement prevents language, and our understanding of what is said, from breaking down. He saw stability of names as a necessary for statement to be true. “The source of stability, for Aristotle, is – and can be nothing other than – convention: but convention understood not as an arbitrary decision to adopt one name rather than another, but as part of an ongoing social processes with its own momentum”. (Harris & Taylor 1997: 24). Second point on stability Aristotle mad was that there is a “(…) connection involving the stability of names which no previous thinker had seen”. (Harris & Taylor 1997:

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