Examples Of Character Change In The Crucible

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In the book The Crucible it essentially weakness and the truth but when everyone's reputation is on the line the story may switch. Which means the individuals in the story might just try to save themselves and it will affect on the way how they act with one another. Therefore, there are some characters here in The Crucible that switch their opinion or even their mind set to get out of the situation. As well they may lie to the head of the court and say a name because they wouldn't get hang to death. For example, when the girls were caught in the forest they had gotten scared and told a lie just because they will not get in trouble. Some may disagree with me and may say that they are just girls and they won't do anything to harm anyone. But…show more content…
The character is John Proctor, John is a local farmer who lives just outside of the village. In the begin John confronts Abigail about the situation between all the witchcraft talk in Salem. Abigail had mentions about how John was having an affair on his wife Elizabeth Proctor with Abigail. As a man John is he declines everything Abigail had said. On page 32 Proctor and Abigail are having a conversion and this is when brings up when her and John had touched and h had replied by saying” Aye, we did not.” Later on in the play in Act 4 Elizabeth is being asked questions about John in the court. They had asked her that if John had ever been dishonest or lost interest in her whatsoever. Therefore Elizabeth had answered the question and she hdad said “My husband-is a goodly man, sir.” on page 87 in act 3. Furthermore, when the conversation was over John had told Elizabeth when they were taking her away that he had confessed and it is okay to talk about his sins and how he had turn on Elizabeth. Which really shows how John really had enough time to change and point out his bad actions. Some might argue about how he did not really changed that much, as well as he had to confess to protect Elizabeth. But John did not ever fixs her actions before hand so he really did change or switch throughout the
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