Examples Of Conflict In Saga Of The Sioux

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Over 33 percent of the homes have no electricity or basic water and sewage systems forcing many to carry (often contaminated) water from local rivers daily for their personal needs. This is an ongoing struggle with the sioux nation and has been. This is because of poor insurance and no government help. In the nonfiction novel Saga of the Sioux the author Dwight Jon Zimmerman expresses how bad the sioux tribes have it in the conflicts that arise, the theme and it's all through the author's point of view.
In the nonfictional novel, the Saga of the Sioux there are two major conflicts are involved; Man vs Nature and Man vs society. “ During the bad winter or the blizzard many of the horses dead” this is an example of man vs nature. The american indians had to deal with the nature. While fighting the battle of wounded knee they were caught in …show more content…

This tells you how bad the weather affected the sioux. “During the first night 12, infants and several old people froze to death- next night the men killed some ponies and disemmbowled them and thrust small children inside for warmth” The sioux native americans had a hard time during moon of the strong cold or January with them having to move around they had no stable shelter to keep the cold winds out so a lot of the times they froze to death or had other cold related problems. “So they all gave all of there guns and they were stacked up in the center the soldier chiefs were not satisfied with the number of weapons surrendered and sent troops to search the teepees-they would go right into the tent and come out with a bundle and tear them open” this is an example of man vs society which is the other conflict that arose in the novel Saga of the Sioux. When I say that this is a conflict is because man vs nature in the novel was everyone against the Native Americans. At this instance the indians were being betrayed by the us government. The government went in and invade their Native land and took

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