Examples Of Courtroom Scene In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The courtroom scene is a major part in the script of the play “To Kill a Mockingbird”. This essay will reveal a lot of why a courtroom scene is immense from many different angles. For example, how the society is affected and how that specific scene completes the plot of the play. Moreover, it helps the reader develop ideas because of the mystery in the case. In addition to that, every reader gets to develop an opinion about every character in that scene, due to how they act under the courtroom circumstances. The first important thing about the scene was that how it explained the 2 stories from both parties and each story had evidence and based on how the reader analyses the evidence and form an idea of who is guilty and who isn’t. As an…show more content…
Tom Robinson reflected the title of the book because he had all the substantial characteristic of a mockingbird. Tom Robinson would give more than he would get, and always assist people without wanting something in return and would never harm anyone. What’s even more adjacent between the Tom and a mockingbird is that Tom was shot while running away from prison on page 94. When that part is broken down and digested, the reader understands how he was shot while trying to be free just like what would happen to a mocking bird. Which significantly reveals more about the title of the script “To Kill a Mockingbird” is that the way to kill the bird which is Tom by trapping it and then shooting it when it tries to fly away and be free. In conclusion the courtroom scene helped the reader understand the text and use critical thinking to spawn new ideas. It also illustrates more about the setting, plot, and the variation of themes such as racism, acceptance, love, and mostly importantly respect. They also had a chance to generate multiple opinions on characters due to the way they acted in the occasion of this scene. Frankly, what’s colossally important was how the readers were most likely able to live the scene throughout the use of evidence directly from the text to maintain an understanding of who is guilty and who is
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