Examples Of Crime And Punishment In Julius Caesar

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Through his grief Anthony seems allowed to the crowd to see him seem to be fully saddened by his friend Caesar. Citizens believe there is a 'there is much reason’ in what he says, and that ‘there’s not a nobles man in Rome than Antony’. Their statements during his pause for the effect assure him that they are with him now. It remains only for him to ignite them on the verge of madness and this is achieved when he reveals the fact that Brutus deeply implicated in the criminal conspiracy against Caesar. In reaction to what Antony has said, the citizens demand revenge upon the conspirators, “Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay! Let not a traitor live!” (III.ii. 147).

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Shakespeare’s plays give witness to his profound knowledge of human nature and psychology. This knowledge is, however, a product of his unique mind, throughout the theme of crime and punishment throughout Shakespeare’s dramatic. Hence, this study was an attempt to address the phenomenon of crime and punishment in Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare, and to work to commit a crime, and to punish the criminal and the administration of justice lies at the heart of this tragedy. The tragic hero is always a noble man who enjoys some status and prosperity in society but has some moral weakness or imbalance that leads to his downfall. External circumstances such as fate also play a role in the fall of the hero. Evil agents often work on the hero, the evil forces, causing the hero to make the wrong differences. Innocent people always feel down tragedies as well. In sum, Shakespeare wants to teach his audience a lesson in his essence is to advise them to be far from the effect of emotion, because emotion, if not guided by reason, may lead to many complications that can easily be arranged by reason. This is William Shakespeare and this is his unconscious

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