Examples Of Discovery In Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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The vehicle for discovery is most commonly fueled by intensely meaningful, confronting and stimulating new ideas that lead to renewed perceptions. Michael Gow showcases this idea in his classic Australian play ‘Away’ through his use of themes, characterisation, dramatic techniques and context. Through Gow’s exploration of Tom and Coral, we, as the reader, can see how an individual is lead to renewed perceptions and intensely meaningful, confronting and stimulating new ideas. Similar to this, Stephen Chbosky’s film, ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, showcases through the character Charlie, that through acceptance, one is able to gain renewed perceptions of the world through which we live.The three themes that are used as a presentation of discovery through renewed perceptions are acceptance, death, and the healing power of nature.

Coral at the start of the play is troubled, dysfunctional, and disconnected from reality as a result of her son's death in the vietnam war, his death being the catalyst for her ineptitude to communicate with people. By the end of the play Coral gains renewed perceptions once she is ‘lifted’ ,both metaphorically and literally, by Tom during the Stranger in a Shore. Her troubles are highlighted through her interaction with Rick at the Gold Coast Hotel, “Come into the dark, give me your hand… A boy like you” The dialogue conveys Coral’s dysfunctionality and how she is delusional by imagining Rick as her son and inviting him into the dark. This piece

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