Examples Of Dystopia In George Orwell's '1984'

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The novel that I chose to read for my ISP is George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. This novel offers a gloomy vision of the future, where every person’s life is controlled by “Big Brother” and “The Party”. Every moment of an individual’s life is being watched and people are not even allowed to think freely for themselves. An underground police force called the “Thought Police” is present to ensure that nobody commits ‘thought crimes’ against the Big Brother. The society presented in the book is dystopian because the society is controlled by an oppressing and domineering government. The ideology of this text is that every individual has to respect and abide by the rules created by the Big Brother. Big Brother is the face of the party. He is …show more content…

He scribbles down all that he thinks is wrong about the Big Brother. He knows that if he is caught, he can be executed but he still goes on with it. Winston is struggling emotionally and physically because he cannot do what he wants. Every aspect of his life is controlled and I believe that is exactly what is happening in our present world too. We are effectively influenced by the media to such an extent that we blindly believe whatever we see on our laptop or TV screens, the same way the Big Brother told deliberate lies such as the fact that airplane was invented by the present regime. They would make up lies and feed them off as facts and people blindly believed every word of it. Most of the media is controlled by the government and they do not want the citizens to know about various things happening around them. The media is dictating how we should live our lives, the same way Big Brother told citizens of Oceania how they should live their lives. Many large business corporations play with our minds and make us think that we need every new piece of technology that is available in the market. Many advertisements and commercials are aimed at people to tell them what they

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