Examples Of Evil In Macbeth

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Ye Htun Khine
Block A
Evil as a destructive corrupts the human soul, causes harm to the people who embrace and their victim. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, she represents us the powerful vision of evil both physically and mentally. Starting from the beginning the theme of evil is being presented by the supernatural activities and witches. In the beginning of the play, the three witches meeting in the heath under thunder lightning and rain, the first witch plan to kill the sailor's family just because his wife deny her some chestnut, these glimpse of evil power provide a strong sense of evil to the reader and it acts as the foundation to the play. It can be seen through the whole paly as everything brings to the characters are nothing but destruction.
In the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are the prey of the evil who embraces themselves to it. In the hand of evil, they are being corrupted and destroyed as well. Evil is a deviation of humanity, a nature of human kind but however it originates …show more content…

Shakespeare used the three witches both direct and indirect way as the starting point of the evil which stimulates the devil inside human heart. At the beginning of the story, the prophecies put a black ink into Macbeth's clear heart and start to affect Macbeth's thinking. Macbeth is struggling between evil and justice but writer used Lady Macbeth to inflame the situation to the evil side. Macbeth is already been controlled by the evil when he murdered king Duncan but he still have that little mercy in his heart. Writer used Macbeth lust of power to promote the evil's influence on Macbeth and make it overwhelm Macbeth. Later in the play, it is the evil that guides both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to the abyss of perish and lead them to dead. I wonder how the story will continue if there is no Lady Macbeth to make the first choice for Macbeth between evil and

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