Examples Of Expectations In Fahrenheit 451

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Sometimes, a goal can be achieved in a way different to what was expected. In many novels, characters experience contrasting levels of accomplishment when trying to get something done. This is the case for multiple scenes in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Many times when Guy Montag begins to wonder whether books are truly bad, or ask for assistance from someone who might have thought of him as an enemy, or when he tries to escape the close-minded society he lives in, his plan doesn’t follow through as was originally intended; the outcome isn’t necessarily what Montag had expected. The first example of an unexpected level of success is when Montag begins to wonder what the books he burns have in them; if they’re worth anything. Due to this, Montag opts to call in sick instead of going to work. However, Montag’s plan to not show up that day (and perhaps ever again) goes downhill, in a way, when Captain Beatty shows …show more content…

He made Montag burn, or “clean up” the house by himself. Beatty angers Montag, noting, “Give a man a few lines of verse and he thinks he’s the Lord of all Creation. You think you can walk on water with your books. Well, the world can get by just fine without them. Look where they got you, in slime up to your lip. If I stir the slime with my little finger, you’ll drown!” (Bradbury 118). Montag was aggravated; however, more than Captain Beatty had intended, in that he consequently shot the flamethrower straight at Beatty, killing him. The plan to agitate Montag had failed, seeing as not only did Captain Beatty’s monologue have an unfortunate turnout for him, it did for Montag too. The speech had driven Montag to the brink of his own morality and distracted him from his quest to change how things stood in regard to allowing people to read books, and have proper opinions to

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