Examples Of Figurative Language In Roman Fever

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Kristen Sink
5 September 2017
Roman Fever Roman Fever is a short story, written by Edith Wharton, that takes place in Rome and centers around two women. The two women, Alida Slade and Grace Ansley, are lifelong friends that have recently reconnected in Rome. They share many similarities, including the fact they both have daughters. Mrs. Ansley’s daughter, Barbara, and Mrs. Slade’s daughter, Jenny, have met up with two well-to-do italian boys while Mrs.Ansley and Mrs. Slade spend their day together. As the story comes to the climax, Mrs. Slade confronts her friend about her love for the man that would become her own husband, Delphin. When they were younger, Mrs. Slade had written a letter in Delphin’s name, to Mrs. Ansley asking …show more content…

For example, Roman Fever uses very descriptive language and imagery to set the scene throughout the tale. The excerpt “the voluntarily controlled mask of her small quiet face” demonstrates the descriptive language used and the imagery that was created. The story also utilizes a plethora of figurative language. An example of a metaphor from the Roman Fever is “the flame of her wrath had already sunk.” The metaphors used were an interesting way for the author to convey her point. Rhetorical questions were also used throughout to engage the reader in the tale. For example, “Wasn’t it she who was the monster?” was written and gets the reader thinking and forming an opinion. Strong vocabulary was used in the story as well, which elevated the …show more content…

The story begins with newlyweds, Waythorn and Alice, returning home from their honeymoon because Alice’s daughter, Lily, who’s from a previous marriage, is sick. Shortly after returning Alice receives a letter from Mr. Haskett, Lily’s father, inquiring about a visit. Alice and Waythorn talk it over and agree to the idea. The next day Waythorn leaves for work and runs into Mr.Varick, one of Alice’s ex-husbands. The story continues with a series of interactions between Waythorn and Alice’s ex-husbands and as time goes on, they all become more casual with each other. Waythorn comes to realize both men are quite agreeable and that they have significantly impacted and shaped Alice. The story concludes with Alice’s two ex-husbands, Alice, and Waythorn all unexpectedly together. The group ends up having tea together and laughing off their

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