Roman Fever Vs A New Leaf Essay

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When a story is used to compare the social and moral standards found in human society, the writer typically adapts either a pessimistic or optimistic stance. Despite the pessimistic outlook, these two short stories, “Roman Fever” by Edith Wharton, and “A New Leaf” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, both successfully accomplish revealing a fact of human moral standards. Of the two stories I believe that “Roman Fever” gives a superior perspective into significant human values however “A New Leaf” deserves to be ranked higher in respect to the thematic message. “Roman Fever” is successful in revealing a darker side of interpersonal interactions and the lust for the role of the superior in relationships. It conveys this message by showing the transfer of …show more content…

This pessimistic message is that human kind is manipulative and does not change. It accomplishes this by having a trio of dysfunctional main characters. A female lead that is only willing to be with someone she knows she can’t fix, Phil who is a manipulative monster that uses the tragedy of Dick’s death to influence Julia’s emotions, and Dick a drunkard who is unfaithful to Julia after being apart for a few measly weeks. The reason I believe that this story deserves to be “ranked higher” than “Roman Fever” is that through amazing characterization it both allows the readers to become immersed in the story and understand the deep thematic meaning of the story. A second reason I believe that this story deserves to be ranked higher is that in addition to the stronger thematic message and characterization, this story also makes expert use of literary devices such as irony. For example, the catastrophic paradox in the fact that in order for Dick to be happy, he must be with Julia, in order to be with Julia, he can’t drink, and if he can’t drink he can’t live which ultimately destroys him. The use of this paradox is a perfect example of tragic situational irony. This also greatly contributes to the story by further developing the characters and the thematic

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