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In the book Freakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner note “An incentive is a bullet, a lever, a key: an often-tiny object with astonishing power to change a situation” (16). This is to showcase the amount of power an incentive can have over a person or a situation; either good or bad. Humans are found to use incentives when it comes to making daily decisions. Often, people need motives to proceed with their plans. Some tend to make either moral, social, or economic incentive. The moral incentive is about self-respect; keeping in check with what was taught to believe is right and wrong. The social incentive is how the public views the person; wanting to look good in front others. Economic incentive, however, would relate to monetary benefit. While all three incentives can affect people’s decisions, economic …show more content…

As time passes, humans are seen implementing their early upbringing characteristics to their adult life. Though moral incentive, caring about personal image, can be a simple way to control people’s behaviors, it does not however last. With simple tool as a smartphone, it has become easier to change people's perspectives on what used to be detected as wrong. From the Freakonomics text, it brings to light why sumo wrestlers may cheat their way during tournaments. As Levitt and Dubner state, “In Japan, sumo is not only the national sport but also a repository of the country’s religion, military, and historical emotion” (34). Feeling the connection that the sport being played holds historical meaning and is of a great value, causes athletes to feel the need to be part of a great deal; that is even if it means to cheat the process. Although using such moral incentive may cause some athletes to choose to scam the system, it is not however the strongest and stablest

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