Examples Of Good And Evil In The Scarlet Letter

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Casey Stickland
English 11 Period 2
16 November 2017
Whose the Sinner and Whose the Saint? Why do these characters in the Scarlet Letter have a “good and evil” side to them? This question is what most readers ask themselves when reading the Scarlet Letter. While I read this book, I felt that you could pick out whom Hawthorne was trying to depict as sinner and a saint. This book is a perfect example of the argument that people have now a day that everyone has a good and a bad side. All of these characters have good and evil in them and there perfect examples in this book. Light and dark imagery, alluding to the larger conflict between good and evil, is present throughout the novel in the characters of Hester Prynne, Pearl, and
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This quote talks about how important Pearl is to Hester after her birth. Pearl is kind of the only warmth Hester truly receives until the end of the book. As I, stated early people were offended that Hester was keeping the identity of the man; she had an affair with more than the sin itself. Pearl is Hester’s one true treasure, hence the name Pearl. “Or some of such half-fledged angel of judgment, - whose mission was to punish the sins of the rising generation.” (Hawthorne 94). This quote is my favorite quote describing anyone character in this whole book. This quote truly makes you feel that Pearl was there to punish Hester for her sins. Throughout the book, you see Pearl kind of harassing Hester and I believe that this is a perfect quote to describe those actions. Pearl not knowing who her father was is another reason why she was so scared of Roger Chillingworth. Chillingworth seemed to be the character that was put in the book to not like, but had so many phenominal quotes that state why he is good and evil. Hawthorne writes, “He bequeathed a very considerable amount of property, both here and in England” (237). This quote shows how much he cared for Pearl. Even though he knew from the beginning that Pearl was not his, he still treated her as his own child, which was about the only nice characteristic about him. Why would he do for anyone besides himself? It seemed to me that he was worried about what people would think of
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