Examples Of Guilt In The Crucible

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“I have given you my soul; leave me my name!”, John Proctor said in Arthur Miller’s book, The Crucible. Proctor was one of the main characters in this play and throughout this play he experienced some horrific tragedies. It all leads down to the themes of The Crucible. There was guilt, sacrifice, and hysteria all throughout the play, that all of the characters went through. As said, characters experienced a lot of guilt in the play, some characters like, Proctor, Elizabeth, and Reverend Hale. Proctor experienced guilt when in the beginning of the play, the reader finds out that Proctor had committed adultery on Elizabeth and all leading down to the end of the play, the reader could see that he had guilt the entire time. Then when Elizabeth got arrested because all Abigail wanted was Proctor so she did anything in her power to get Elizabeth out of the picture. Proctor thought it was all of his fault that Elizabeth was convicted of witchcraft and would be hanged. Adding on to that situation, Elizabeth also had guilt because she thought she wasn’t doing enough for Proctor. So she couldn’t blame him for committing adultery on her with Abigail. At the time he committed adultery, she was sick so she thought she was pushing him away and letting him basically cheat on her. With all these people being hanged, Reverend Hale thought it was all okay and he thought he was getting rid of the witchcraft. Really, innocent people were just dying and others were lying just to stay alive. He

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