Kick A Soccer Ball Essay

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How to Kick A Soccer ball There’s different ways to kick a ball, you can kick it normally, you can curve it, knuckle it. I am going to try my best to explain how to kick a ball normally and some of the other examples. The 1st step is step back a few steps like about 4. Step 2 and this is optional is to look up when you are about to strike the ball this is for to see where the goal is and where you're going to aim. Step 3 is the run up , when you are running up to kick the ball make sure your non kicking foot , if you are a righty then your non kicking foot will be your left , if you are a lefty your non kicking foot is your right. Make sure the non kicking foot is a couple inches from the ball. Step 4 is when you're about to kick it make sure

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