Examples Of Hubris In The Eyes Were Watching God

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In the novel “The eyes were watching God’ Zora Neale Hurston uses Hubris almost at the ending of the novel when the hurricane hit the glades in Jacksonville. The hubris shows the downfall of Tea cake by the end of the novel. Tea cake has a downfall during the hurricane when Janie tells him that there is a hurricane coming and that they should go somewhere else where the hurricane would not hit them. Janie says this because the Native Americans themselves began to move away days before the Hurricane had hit, as did the animals that lived there. The hubris shows the downfall of Tea cake, and what happens when men don't listen to their wives and others.

First Example where hubris is being shown is when the Hurricane had come and Tea cake beforehand had said that there was no Hurricane coming and that they should not worry about anything. However when the Hurricane had come Tea cake started to feel bad about not listening to Janie and started to apologize to her. He said “"Ah reckon you wish now you had of stayed in yo' big house 'way from such as dis, don't yuh?" (159). He said this because he thought that maybe Janie might be regretting the fact of marrying him, since she already had a house and was from a higher class than what he was.

Second example of where Zora Neale Hurston shows hubris is when Tea cake got bit from a wild dog while he was trying to save Janie from the water and the ferocious dog. When he got bit from the dog “high up on his cheek-bone once”(166). he

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