Examples Of Immorality In Catch-22

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Immorality in Catch-22--- Many characters in Catch-22 undergo moral crises, wherein they must decide between self-interest (a concern for their own safety and wellbeing) or altruism (a concern for the wellbeing of others). Heller discusses the immorality that reveals the worst qualities of mankind: the greed for personal benefit from war. In Catch 22 there are several situations where the main characters have a decision to make. They struggle with their own convictions regarding if they should choose to follow the orders they have been given, the chain of command, or their own belief. One example of this is the chaplain in Catch 22 who is convinced that the soldiers have right on their side when they are upset that Colonel Cathcart always raises the bomb missions. The chaplain is so terrified of the colonel that when he tries to make a complaint on behalf of the soldiers he feels inferior to him and fails to present his arguments properly. The chaplain considers himself as a weak man who wants to fight for his beliefs, but he is more afraid of disobeying a superior officer. He hates himself for his cowardice and his lack of courage in the face of opposition from a superior personality. The chaplain, …show more content…

Heller discusses the moral question of love for ones fellow man. Is it obligatory to love and care for your closest family? In Bob’s case in Something Happened it has become a moral issue. Heller portrays Bob as having an emotional distance from his own family. The fact that Bob, as the storyteller, gives us the names of the company people he works with but not his family makes us believe that he has ambivalent feelings for them. There is one exception, that is, his son Derek. Derek, who has suffered from brain damage from birth, gives Bob nothing but guilt and immoral thoughts concerning what to do with

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