Examples Of Internal Conflicts In The Awakening

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Gabrielle White
AP Literature
2nd Period
Jan. 3, 2018
The Awakening Essay - 1995
In the novel The Awakening Edna faces many internal conflicts. These include her role as not only just a women during the this era, but as, more specifically, a wife and mother. She learns more about herself throughout the novel and is empowered by what she feels she could be. Although she is tied down by society’s expectations of her, Edna finds her true self and is inspired to pursue a life outside of what is expected. The Awakening is an example of a novel with a character that plays an important role because of her alienation due to her gender, class, race, and religion, and revelation about society’s assumptions and moral values.
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Originally, Edna’s husband, Leonce Pontellier, would take care of his family and show his love through giving gifts and other tangible items. Although society, specifically her neighbors and friends, all saw these gifts as acts of love and something that only a good husband would do. Edna, although she accepted these gifts gratefully, she always had the feeling there was no true meaning or love behind them. Edna’s first sign of rebellion was when she abandoned her house duties. This include taking calls for customers. Instead, she chose to take the day off and spend her time alone. This example of Edna alienating herself instead of completing her duties, is an example Edna’s defiance towards the social normalities. Edna throws two parties mentioned in the novel before deciding to no longer follow her social status. At the first party, she dressed extravagantly and draped everything in her house in the finest decor she had. At this party Edna invited many guests and served extravagant food on her best cutlery. Her second party, however, was hosted after she announced that she planned to abandon her social status when she announced she would be moving out into a smaller home. This shows her alienation because her first party was fit to society’s standards, but Edna isolated herself and follows her own
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