Examples Of Magic Realism In The Latin America Boom

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The Latin America boom was a period in the 1960’s which placed Latin America on the map as a transmitter of culture. This is the period in which magic realism was made popular by a multitude of authors, but primarily Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The issues and the context of the period influenced the literature in numerous ways. Latin American authors had often imitated the literary styles of the Western societies; however, with “the Boom” Latin America shifted from being a recipient of culture to be a transmitter of culture.
The Boom accrued post World War II which means that many of the countries which influenced Latin America heavily had a new confidence, especially the Latin American countries which had supported the winning side. There was also rapid modernization; a modernization which included an increase in the people getting educated (Companion to Latin American and Latino Studies pg. 101).
The Boom looks at the context of Latin America more fiercely. There was a push by authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez to embrace the culture of one’s roots. Instead of ignoring the reality of their lives and countries, these authors embraced the absurd and confronted the reality of their countries (In-class video about Magic Realism).
Another element of these literary works was the blurred divide between reality and magic. This can be seen through One Hundred Years of Solitude in which Gabriel Garcia Marquez manipulates the reality of time, actuality, and family ties. The novel

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