Latino Literature Essay

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U.S. Latino literature is as important and historical as any other. We often refer and quote recent or current Hispanic authors but we forget that there is a whole timeline behind every word and idea. History itself was first of all recorded in people's minds and hearts and through oral tradition was it passed on, later marked through drawings and symbols and finally, and after thousands of years, reached formal written ground. This carriage of messages and form of expression evolved through time and the way it is delivered along with the language in it has too. We can see evidence of that in Latino literature, from the early accounts of explorers to the modern day authors who fight for the rights of humankind, it has an entire …show more content…

As mentioned earlier, the first literature relating to Latin America where from an outside view and opinion. Now with the Chicano literature of the 1970s and ’80s we get a more direct perspective from Latinos themselves. Of course many centuries have passed since the early writings but now works are more sophisticated and adapted to fit the needs of expression and ideas. One of the great more modern writers is Tomás Rivera, known famously for writing "…And the Earth Did Not Devour Him" which is also seen in film. In his work we can see various 'chapters' or stories that even though they are short in length they carry a heavy message towards the reader. In this message he presents the hard life of many Chicanos and downs of everyday living for migrant Hispanic workers. In his book there is not a short citation that would fully explain the deplorable situation and circumstances that occur in the lives of the people.

There are some short narrations like the one in page one hundred and nineteen that cause a emotion of sympathy and acceptance and displays the ever present desire, noticeable in many Hispanic literary works of this time, to become part of something grand. We can see that this desire is very evident, followed by the passion of living and working hard to achieve hopes and dreams. These examples of literature are a huge step in Latino improvement, evolution and fight for freedom. Tomás Rivera also made huge contributions with his life

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