Examples Of Manipulation In 1984 By George Orwell

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Throughout history there have been several governments that rule with an iron fist. They

do not allow, or heavily restrict their citizens access to information. Nazi Germany, communist

Russia, and China are just a few countries that limit what their citizens can see and they way they

live. The most well known country that dictates every aspect of the lives of its citizens is modern

day North Korea. Similar to the country of Oceania in the book 1984, North Korea limits what

information their citizens have access to, their freedom of speech, and suffer from a lack of food,

causing the country to ration its small food supply.

In George Orwell’s 1984, the country of Oceania is ruled by a group known as the Party

and Big Brother. In order …show more content…

They control the

content of what is shown to the people and they use it to instill hatred in their western enemies

and praise the national government. The Party does the same thing with their ministries such as

Minitrue and Miniplenty which manipulate the information its citizens receive, making their

government seem as if it is not oppressive.

Other examples of party manipulation of information is apparent when discussing the war

enemies of the country. Throughout the novel, the Party constantly switches sides about what

country they are at war with, yet the citizens do not bat an eye. The Party also gives different

reasons for them being the enemy and they display pictures of their enemies to incite hatred from

their citizens towards them. North Korea also spews out hateful information about other western

countries such as the United States that is most of the time, not true, yet they do this to develop a

national opposition to the country.

This misinformation that these governments provide hurt the citizens in a way that they

do not even realize. To the citizens, it seems as if everything is great even though it is not. …show more content…

Members of the Party have access to other food items that the normal

Proles do not such as real coffee, tea, sugar, and bread. These are luxuries that most of Oceania

do not even have access to. In North Korea, its citizens are especially malnourished and because

of its isolation and the sanctions placed on it, the country is forced to ration its food supply,

however high ranking government officials are an exception. They are allotted more food than

the common citizen yet their people are still content and do not realize that a lack of food is


The book 1984 depicts a country similar to that of modern day North Korea and in some

ways Russia. The goal was to enlighten the world about the dangers of communism and the

inability to think freely. Oceania and North Korea are very similar in the fact that both

governments ration the country's food supply, restrict the free flow of information by polluting it

with their false lies, and by restricting their freedom of speech. All of these are ways the

countries attempt to oppress their citizens and those who read 1984 will notice these

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