Examples Of Mass Hysteria In The Crucible

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Fear vs. Mass Hysteria In The Crucible In 1692 the people of Salem, Massachusetts underwent a phenomenon we now call today the Salem witch trials. Many believed this was an act of mass hysteria or pure fear. Mass hysteria is a way to relay transmitted illusions, of real or imaginary threats through society. While, Fear is an uneasy mix of emotions caused by thinking that someone or something is harmful, More likely to cause pain than satisfaction, or a threat. Mass hysteria and fear contributed in both “Why I Wrote The Crucible” and “Salem Town and Salem Village” in numerous ways. Fear is contributed through “Why I Wrote The Crucible” in a couple different ways, “The Crucible is both a tragedy and an allegory based on actual events and persons.” (pp.35). Innocent people were forced to confess to their ‘sins’ even if they had never been committed. John Proctor had committed adultery with his servant at that time being Abigail Williams, a 17 year old girl. Although John regretted what he had done, there was no going back for him or Abigail and someone was bound to find out about the affair eventually. At the time, Salem was struggling from an economic disaster, “In the winter residents had to walk up to two hours just to go from one side of the village to the other because of the wilderness and harsh weather conditions.” Not only was Salem struggling through the economic tragedy, but they were also trying to overcome the false accusations and mass hysteria

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