Examples Of Monologue Of The Great Gatsby

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Returning from his party that Saturday, my thoughts began to wander to him, Jay Gatsby… A name that I had once held dearer than any other. He was my solider, but quickly becoming lost in the war, I failed to keep what we once had. I was oblivious to whether he would even return alive let alone make something of himself as he has done now. I was always encouraged to marry into, as my mother would describe “illustrious families”. I was never really given any other option or objective to strive for. Tom seemingly ticked every box that was ever created for someone like me, and as it happened, for a moment in time it appeared perfect. I would be lying if I said that I never loved him. We have shared dear, dear moments, heartwarming and precious. However, I have concluded; all that is good must come to an end, and quickly Tom began to stray from the vows that we once spoke. In many ways, his morals began to slowly deteriorate. But still, despite Tom’s infidelity, the style of my life continues to bubble with prosperity like the champagne spilt most nights. Affluence, influence, freedom.

For most of my life I have never realised how the riches of this shiny East Egg existence consumes it’s inhabitants into
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For as you have everything, the american dream is merely your reality. “What more could you ask for?” This question is no-doubtly pondered more often than not by East Eggers. I think we want to believe that our lives are enriched with all we could desire however for me, I feel empty. More, more, more. I have finally understood that people only search for more out of dissatisfaction with what they already have. Tom is hardly satisfied with my presence in his life, and continues to go elsewhere for pleasure and lust. I am satisfied with the bi-products of his wealth, yet his love fails me in comparison to the true affection and dedication of my pink suited solider turned self made
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