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I. Relativism vs. Objectivism Ethical relativism defined by Vaughn; it is not objective, because if an act is morally right by one person or morally wrong by a different person, then that is okay as well. Moral objectivism is defined as moral norms are valid for everyone. Rachels and Vaughn both define cultural relativism as moral rightness is whatever a culture or society approves of. Cultural relativism and ethical relativism basically consist of the exempt same theory. Thus being whether its and individual’s belief or a society’s belief both are acceptable. “If people’s moral judgements differ from culture to culture, moral norms are relative to culture (there are no objective moral standards)” (Vaughn 15). Moral objectivism is related to…show more content…
A good argument against moral objectivism could be that there are no moral objective truth’s just relative ones. Another objection to moral objectivism could be that there are no empirical objective moral facts, and this would be why people disagree. Basically saying I disagree with it. Therefore, we cannot reach a universal agreement. V. Defending Moral Objectivism I believe moral objectivism is better than ethical relativism because some moral norms can be objective. Not all moral norms are subject for debate but some clearly can be. I can make the argument that human life is valuable, whereas euthanasia can be objective depending on your religious or cultural belief. The permissibility rules you accept are for you neither justified nor unjustified: they justify. As long as you have a set of permissibility rules that do not require impossible actions, or posit non-existing entities, there are no epistemic or practical reasons for rejecting or it. Drowning a child for pleasure because you believe you have the right to is completely wrong. Human life is valuable no matter what religion or culture you are or come from. In ethical relativism, you are saying it’s okay to drown a child because that’s what you believe in or don’t believe

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