Examples Of Plato's Ideal State

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Being the founder of the Academy in Athens, Plato has made a huge contribution to Ancient Greek philosophy and is still regarded as one of the most important and influential philosophers of all time. One of his best-known and out-standing works is “The Republic”. What is justice? What is a just state? What should the state be like, where every citizen would live a flourishing and a happy life? The answers to these questions are given in “The Republic”. In this work philosopher represents and explains his idea of an ideal state. According to Plato, the society, where everyone lives a sophisticated life, would be nothing like those that are present to his time. This state would be governed in accordance with justice, not in the interests of particular …show more content…

Plato's state is structured to prevent the eternal struggle for realization of the needs and desires of a particular class or a privileged group of people. The ideal state is designed to unite its citizens to accomplish what is best for the state. In this society what people are aiming at is the good and flourish of the whole, not the happiness of one. What I mean is, the citizens of the ideal state are to use their skills in the public interests rather than in their own. In this society people are inclined to attain the common good rather than fulfillment of the concerns of …show more content…

The major obstacle, in my opinion, is a need for self-determination. The thing is, despite the fact that the state seems not to restrict people in their actions, limitation of freedom actually exists. For instance, although there is a place for social mobility in the state, it is more an exception rather than a rule. Moreover, we should consider the fact that people do not work for themselves, they are not free. They are subordinates to the ruling class and are to perform their commands. By nature, people are willing to live under no control and are free to express themselves. Therefore, I believe that supposing the state was created, people sooner or later will rebel against the authority and will fight for their

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