Examples Of Playing God In Frankenstein

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Playing God Believers in god believe that you should never sin or turn against him. By creating another being, are you turning against god? Are you seen as evil through gods eyes? Throughout the book, Mary Shelley shows the use of indirect characterization, direct characterization, symbolism, uses of comparisons, and allegory to produce many examples of how playing god has valuable meaning and dangerous meaning.
To start off, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein reveals indirect characterization in order to provide the readers with information about the troubles of playing god. This statement is true when the readers learn about Victors thoughts. Victor was sitting in his lab and a train of reflection surpassed his mind about his new creation and …show more content…

As the monster approached Victor he was upset of how Victor characterized him. As victor states "Devil, do you dare approach me" (Shelley 88). In this line, the monster understands how Victor characterizes him and he relies with "I expected this reception; all men hate the retched" (Shelley 88). The monster felt as if he was misinterpreted about the being the devil while he was under the impression of being Adam (Follower of God). The monster replies, "I ought to be thy Adam; but rather the fallen angel" (Shelley 89). In this line, Mary Shelley reveals the comparisons between the devil and Adam as they show opposing sides of good versus …show more content…

Through the process of making the monster, Victor had gathered information from past scientists that gave Victor ideas for making a corps monster. Victor continued, " I had retrod the steps of knowledge along the paths of time, and exchanged the discoveries of recent enquiries for the dreams of forgotten alchymists" (Shelley 45-46). The words above explain how Victor was thinking through the whole process of making his dream come true and how his knowledge from previous scientists help guide his dream into the right

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