Examples Of Private Prison Vs Private Prisons

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Private Prisons v. Public Prisons
Shelby Freel
University of Colorado Denver

A private incarceration center is a state or federal jail, detention center, or prison that has been contracted to a private company. This could either be a pre-existing facility that is contracted to the company or a new facility. The use of private contractors for prisons and other facilities can be dated back to the beginnings of American History.
Privatization of prisons around the country has been a controversial topic. The main use for private prisons is to save the government money, whether that be the state or federal government. Also, the way inmates are cared for and rehabilitated in private prisons versus public prisons is an issue of debate. The real question is if it is worth using private contractors to incarcerate inmates. In theory, private prisons are supposed to save the government money on prison costs, since the state would no longer pay for the maintenance of the facility, and its inmates. Private prisons are charged a monthly per diem for the inmates it contains. An example of how private institutions cut corners on costs, is these facilities typically hire non-union labor to save on labor costs, “Private firms typically use non-union labor, allowing for the lowest benefit packages” (Austin & Coventry, 2001, p. 26). These prisons claim that they save ten to twenty percent on labor costs because of this shortcut. Studies in Arizona have shown that the cost of

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