Examples Of Professionalism In Sport

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An Essay on Professionalism in Sport
Sports have professional all over the world. Men who have become proficient in certain games or sports have used their talent as an ostensible means of earning a livelihood. Since sports have got a large spectacular appeal, people are naturally willing to pay for witnessing the exhibition of skill or strength that the sportsman has acquired. The boxer, the wrestler, the cricketer, the footballer certainly have as much right to earn a livelihood by displaying their particular talent as the dancer or the actor may have.

There is nothing inherently wrong in this. All men are not constituted in the same way. Surely a man has as much right to make a living by his brawn as he has by his brains. Professional sportsmen spend much time and labor to acquire proficiency just as members of any other profession do. Hence it is quite legitimate if they try to use their skill to earn a profit. They do not exploit anybody for this purpose. Nor do they sin against the moral sense of mankind. Their income is legitimately earned. People pay willingly and gladly for the joy that they give the recreation that they provide. They have for better right to their earning than those who use their opportunities for enjoying an unearned profit. If that be so, why is the …show more content…

But there are certain off shoots which deserve to be condemned. Many sportsmen are driven to practice professionalism in secret because clubs have to maintain an amateur status. This creates underhand practices. It professionalism were recognized openly, this sort of practice would cease to exist. Whatever is driven underground is bad. Amateurism is not to be condemned, but it should not be given a superor status. In india,officially we do not recognize professionalism in any sports, except perhaps in wrestling. This gives rise to many abuses. It drives professional

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