Examples Of Skepticism

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In this paper, I will show how different philosophical viewpoints may lead to different outcomes about the knowledge of pain, with a focus on the philosophical viewpoint of skepticism. From skepticism, I will claim that a person can be wrong about whether they are in pain by exploring the roots of how one understands pain and what may cause pain. The first philosophical viewpoint to be addressed regarding the knowledge of pain will be skepticism. Many skeptics may state that no reason has been shown for why it is logically necessary that one must know whether they are in pain, and some may extend this argument further by saying that no reason exists. It then follows that it is logically possible to for one to be wrong about their knowledge of pain, but this is not sufficient to proclaim that one may be wrong about their…show more content…
With the commonly used notion of pain in speech, many skeptics would perhaps hold the claim that pain is exterior of the mind, to be true and then question what could be the cause of pain if pain originated from the mind rather than the body. An example of mental pain can be seen in the preceding paragraph where a person felt pain during a hallucination and the cause of this pain was one's imagination. Another commonly occurring example of mental pain is sadness. If a person is feeling sadness then they are feeling mental pain because pain and sadness are synonymous with each other and this pain originates from one's reason. In developing an argument for why a person may be wrong about whether they are in pain the issue of mental pain must be addressed directly because mental pain does originate from the senses, and the primary reason for why one may be wrong about their knowledge of pain cannot be because of the deception of their
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