Theta Healing Research Paper

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The methods of healing utilizing theta waves is one of the popular alternative healing methods that allow any individual undergo physical and emotional transformations. It utilizes the theta brainwave that will allow you to connect with your inner source of energy and transform it into an effective form of healing. Thought patterns that hinder you from being fully functional can be altered as well.

It is further subdivided into the core (which deals with childhood issues either consciously or subconsciously), genetic (which refers to your DNA and ancestral lineage), history (the existence of your past life) and soul (which involves all the deeply seated beliefs and notions). It is believed that whatever thought pattern that we have can greatly affect our DNA, which will physically manifest as physical illness or disease. …show more content…

This form of healing is generally directed by you since you are the only one who will be able to achieve the state of theta where you slow down your brainwave activity.

You are an active participant theta healing. However, to make things easier, you need to focus on one area at a time. Therefore, it is important that you choose what you want to focus first. Among all the forms of theta healing, there is one thing in common – all your thought patterns that kept resurfacing can be tracked through this form of healing to make the pain and conflict lesser than it originally was.

In most cases, the actual basis or origin of the pain is the one being addressed by

thetahealing. More often than not, our beliefs cause us pain and difficulty even though generally they are acceptable and feasible for all. However, you feeling it may think that you are not normal but in reality your situation is perfectly normal and

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