Examples Of Traditional Utilitarianism

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Leah Waters Student Identification Number AC1407228 C06.V.9.1 Business Ethics Assignment C08 Business Ethics August 28, 2017 Traditional Utilitarianism What is Traditional utilitarianism? Traditional utilitarianism is a philosophy of ethics that the contentment for the most population of individuals in the world is considered to be good. Ethical actions are considered proper only if the results of those efforts are more than those of the same act conducted by an agent applying a different method. The principal of the theory beholds that any benefit is ethically right if and only if the out come is the same under a different agent providing the example. The theory was brought forth by philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Under his philosophy, an action is moral if its consequence is happiness. The exact action is considered as …show more content…

There should be four moral considerations that should be evaluated when planning. First consideration should be to think about the sensitivity of the situation. Is the situation an ethical dilemma? What is the best way to handle the situation that will make the ending satisfying for everyone. How should it be handled to make everyone pleased. The second consideration is that a person needs to use good judgement and have good reasoning skills. Good judgement is needed to be sure one is using their best ability to think through a situation. To be sure that the situation is resolved in the most acceptable manner, for the most reasonable outcome of the action. The third is moral behavior. Be sure that your conduct is appropriate. The last moral reasoning would be to have moral charter. Be able to take a stand and continue through and not take the easy way out. Stand-up for your beliefs and take pride in yourself and your

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