Examples Of Tragic Tragedy Of Creon

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Antigone is one of the greatest tragedies ever written by Sophocles. There is a controversial question about this play: Who is the tragic hero? Could it be Antigone or Creon? Regardless the play’s name is Antigone, but as I read the story. A sensible and responsible king, Creon, is a tragic hero because of his power madness, self-righteousness, and ruthlessness. Specifically, he is the center of the play, which causes events to happen.
The first tragic fall that leads Creon to his downfall is his power madness. His power madness fall can be supported by Antigone’s dialogue, “Further: he has the matter so it that anyone who dares attempt the act will die by stoning in the town.” (Antigone 2). The quote means that anyone who didn’t follow Creon’s decree will die. Another support can be seen when Creon aforesaid, “ Not to take sides with any who disobey.” (Antigone 8). This quote shows that he wants each person to obey him and anyone who disobeys him will get in trouble. The last support can be found when Creon decrees, “ Not to take …show more content…

When Creon proclaim, “it is announced that no one in this town may give him burial or mourn for him. Leave him not buried, leave his corpse disgraced, a dinner for the birds and for the dogs.” (Antigone7). This shows how heartless he is! An ancient Greek people truly respect the dead. Another example is when he announced, “ If you don’t find the very man whose hands buried the corpse, bring him for me to see, not death along shall be enough for me to see, not death along shall be enough for you till, hanging, you make clear the crime.” (Antigone 11) to the guard that brought him the news. This dialogue means that if the guard could not find a person who buried the corpse, he will be sentenced to death. The last example is about sentences Antigone to death. Despite the fact that everybody is telling him to let up on Antigone, but because of his ruthlessness. He refuses and sentences her to

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