Examples Of Utopia As No Place

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Utopia as ‘No Place’: Constructed Worlds in Photography
Laura Morris

The term utopia was coined from the greek, ‘ou’ meaning not and ‘topos’ meaning place- not place. The idea of no place can be interpreted in a multitude of ways: perfect, fantasy, unique… All the variations of utopia have originated from the concept of ‘made-up’. Utopia as ‘no place’ is unique to each individual as it is not any one thing. “No place” fascinated me as it is completely subjective to who is viewer or creating the image. I’m exploring a different kind of utopia that has been almost forgotten as the version of ‘perfect place’ has become more popular. Using constructed images is one of the most powerful means of communicating an idea and endless possibilities of …show more content…

It blatantly underlines what the Nazi movement believes they are and how they are supported: they are saving the world with money. This juxtaposes the original Superman benevolent acts that he did for free and the better of everyone else. The swastika represents the Superman logo and Hilter is in Superman’s traditional battle stance which shows how committed Heartfield is to his outcomes that he focuses on every detail- even if they do not all work seamlessly together. The x-ray style open rib cage represents how Hilter is constantly devouring money that he keeps rather than using it fully for the movement and all the money produces is words that have no support behind them. This is one of the pieces Heartfield produced but one piece has a lot of meaning and statements within it which is what made his work so impactful. The Dada style added to the impact as we can see that is has clearly been constructed conveys the plain truth that is not being hidden or faded into something else: it is boldly stated before the

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