Executive Officer Of Bam, Bob Bowman

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Introduction: The case begins with a team of executives, managers and engineers who come together with the chief executive officer of BAM, Bob Bowman, to discuss their weekly meeting. The team comprised of Chad Evans the director of mobile product development, and director of mobile engineering Tracy Pesin. The electronic leader – Apple- were coming up with their new launch of the IPad. It was the best choice that apple chose BAM (Baseball Advanced Media) to launch the only application that was sports-related for the IPad. Besides having the highest achievement in digital media and BAM was known for having the best website in the league. When majority businesses were unable to come up with a successful business model, BAM was able to proudly report 1.5 Million subscribers who were willing to to pay for the content over the web, with 50 million unique visitors a month. BAM set itself with two goals- first being, to widely display its expertise on its content to deliver an interactive experience, second was work the electronic giant in showing off their new product. Problem Statement and objective The 30 (MLB) Major Baseball League teams agreed to invest a relatively small amount, which now makes $440 million from all the merchandise sold, paid content, ticketing and advertising. BAM was in charge and took care of the digital activities of all the team. BAM was facing the below problems. 1. Perfect match to the IPad - BAM had to come up with an application that was meant

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