Exemplification Essay: Doctor Assisted Suicide Epidemic

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Imagine a day where you felt like you couldn’t go on. Now imagine that day never ended. That is what life feels like for those that decide to no longer be apart of this world. Suicide is the easy way out. It’s easier to sleep than it is to be awake. It’s easier to bury problems than to face them. It’s easy not having to make decisions. But for those that have to live knowing a loved one couldn't is a unbearable reality. Suicide is a leading epidemic that gets placed under the rug because it’s seen as taboo. No one likes talking about death especially those that chose to end their lives in the most unnatural way possible. The main factor that suicide stems from is depression because it makes life seem like it’s never getting better. Depression can stem…show more content…
After fighting her demons for two years Emily was granted Euthanasia by the Belgium government. This meant that Emily would have assistance with her suicide. The Belgium Act of Euthanasia grants permission to patients that have constant and incurable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated. In 2013 there was almost 2,000 doctor assisted deaths in 2013. To become a candidate for a doctor assisted death an individual most go through a lengthy process which will take over two years. As Emily’s scheduled date for euthanasia arrived she was unable to go through with the procedure. Just because she was granted the right to die does not mean she had to take it, there is no shame in wanting to live. In the United States alone there is almost 35,000 suicides every year, which averages to over 90 people every day, but 864,950 attempt suicide every year which accumulates to someone attempting suicide every 38 seconds. The number of suicide is double that of homicides every year. Over fifty percent of completed suicides are done by firearms and eighty percent of attempted suicides are done by
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