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Wide range of policies and guidelines has demonstrated by The National Health and Medical Research Council regarding cultural diversity including the model acknowledge four dimensions of cultural competency including systemic, organisational professional and individual levels in our culturally and linguistically diverse society (NHMRC, 2005). At the systemic level, the model requires policy objectives, procedures, monitoring mechanisms and resource capacity to achieve the outcomes. This is relatively involved of CALD background, exercise deliverer responded in diverse way in meeting the client’s needs. Education is essential to be established and communicated a concept of culturally competent practice and strategies across organisations. At …show more content…

In order to work effectively in cross cultural situations, as an exercise deliverer, it is exceptional important to have cultural awareness and sensitivity. Learning about clients’ culture, interact and work alongside different culture diverse are essential for an exercise deliverer to be familiar with their history, religious and values of the ethnic group. Example, a muslim female seeks to an Exercise Deliverer at gym floor for fitness assistance due to her imbalance lifestyle. It is important to have the understanding and awareness of culture differences without assigning values or judging behaviours to their cultural sensitive (Lucy, 2012). For example, muslim women are not able to expose certain parts of body or limited to be physically touched to any male practitioners or health professionals. As a professional Exercise Deliverer, we need to be accepting of others or may learn how to apply differences strategies based on their traditions and ways of life of culture diverse. In this case, we need ask whether if it is needed for her for female specialist. For effective in delivering practices and services, this requires an understanding of culture differences, cultural awareness and cultural sensitive to require to change the paradigm of cultural ways of thinking and behaving to variety of ethnic

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