The Importance Of Interprofessional Team Working Within The Health Settings And Its Benefits On Individual

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Introduction This aim of the assignment is to analyse the case study (Appendix 1) by integrating three main themes; Interprofessional teamwork, culture and diversity and social policy. Throughout, I will be developing a greater understanding of culture and diversity which is essential in order to provide culturally competence care to a diverse population. Furthermore, I will have a detailed knowledge on the value of Interprofessional team working within the health settings and its benefits on individual. Later, I will apply this knowledge on character ‘Amelia’ who is my main focus from case study. I will be using relevant literatures as an evidence and analyse current policies including legislations and guidance in relation to issues which Amelia and her family will be facing. To understand the term “Interprofessional team working” I have been working within a subset group where everyone has a different health profession background course such as child nursing, social worker, occupational therapist and myself as an adult nursing. On part 1, I will be discussing about themes social policy and culture and diversity. And on part 2, I will reflect my team working using different models and will mention our strength and weakness. In briefly, I will mention about the case study. Amelia is a 30 years old lady who moved to England 6 years ago with her husband Josef (aged 32) and daughter Irena (aged 4). They live in a one bedroom flat which is in poor condition and close to busy
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