Existentialism In Mad Max

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1. Give a full description of where the issue discussed was observed. Mad Max is a movie from 1979 that I recently have watched with my brother over a weekend at home. As we were engaged in entertainment of this movie it was brought to my attention of the worldview that this particular movie presented to its viewers. This worldview is called Existentialism: a view that indicates that our lives are meaningless and it is up to us to create our own meaning from the day we are born to the last breath on earth. This is expressed consistently throughout the entirety of the movie and can be of concern if taken literally.
2. Give a brief statement as to why this issue was chosen. In today's modern world we encounter many different types of groups and organizations that seem to take major parts of this worldview to seemingly get there way or act how they deem fit for their own personal gain or lifestyle.
3. Summarize the particular issue and the position presented in the observed forum. Mad Max is set in a "future" state of unrest for the world for decades as many violent gangs and terrorist roam the streets of countries wrecking havoc on all innocents that pass on by. Their only option is to create something of their own view such as: gangs, violence and death. Thus, indicating there is no meaning or structure to these gangs and terrorist only to bring satisfaction to themselves by destruction of others. Max is a law enforcement officer who loses all meaning

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