Explain The Moral Conflict On Why Alex Did Not Bring Up His Concerns For Ada Essay

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Explain how any two psychological approaches could be used to explain the above scenario. Your discussion should include at least one similarity and one difference between the two approaches using relevant details from the scenario to support the information you provide’. The psychodynamic approach can be used to explain the moral conflict on why Alex did not bring up his concerns for Ada. Freud (1923) psychoanalytic theory would explain this as having an internal conflict with his id, ego, and superego. According to Freud the id is based on the selfish principal who seeks instant gratifications of its desires. The superego is based on the moral principal concerned with social acceptable principles and values. The ego is the executive part of the personality involved in planning and rationalisation and is the logical aspect of the mind. (Gross 2005). The moral conflict occurred when Alex did not satisfy the superego, by voicing his concerns. The superego did not reward him with pride but punished him and made him feel guilty for satisfying the id. Alex’s anxiety can be due to repressed memories of a 6 month separation from his mother due to a nervous breakdown when he was a child. According to Freud repression is an example of an ego defence mechanism which are unconscious and used by the ego to protect an individual from anxiety caused by traumatic events. Therefore, repression is where the individual forces distressing memories to the unconscious. Freud (1923)

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