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1.1.5 Journal: Can Science Answer It?

Psychology (S2958282)
Faith Eke

Points possible: 30
Date: ____________

Answer the questions below. When you are finished, turn in your assignment for grading. Use complete sentences and answer each part of the assignment.

1. Think of a time in your life when someone you know was having difficulty. Using that example, choose the statement from the list below that seems most true. Then, for the statement you choose, write which perspective or branch from psychology (humanistic, positive, biopsychology, cognitive-behavioral, developmental, or social psychology) is most related. Then write a one-sentence statement that describes this perspective. (5 points)
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(2 points)
Biopsychology: The application of principles of biology toward the study of psychology. Also known as biological psychology, behavioral neuroscience, or psychobiology Biomedical model: The perspective of psychology concerned with the biological basis of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

What influence do parents have over who their children become? (2 points)
Nature-nurture question: The question of whether a person 's traits are mostly the

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