Explain What Is A Code Of Conduct And Provide An Example Relevant To Working With Groups In Community Services

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c) You hear a rumour from the young people during the group activity that one of the youth workers is having sex with one of the young people. What do you do? Hold a team meeting with all youth workers involved if you are the team leader and address that there are rumours of this behaviour happening and that it is not acceptable. Note these rumours in your group reports. Advise your supervisor /manager of these reports and what is being talked about. Also it may be important to address the group as a whole and recap them on codes of conducts and ethical behaviours and appropriate behaviours between service providers and youth workers and young people. Also put out an invitation to email you as the team leader if anyone has any …show more content…

There have been legislations and laws that have been passed by Federal Parliament on behalf of Commonwealth departments and agencies these include the following: - Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 - Age Discrimination Act 1994 - Disability Discrimination Act 1992 - Racial Discrimination Act 1975 - Sex Discrimination Act 1984 Satisfactory YES NO 8. Outline your duty of care responsibilities when working with groups. When working with youth groups it is the providers or workers duty of care to avoid exposing young people to physical, psychological or emotional harm or injury. Workers will always up hold the principle of ‘does no harm’. Workers must assess risk and manage the safety of work and activities involving all young people while remaining aware of the need to encourage young people to partake in challenging activities that assist them to reach their full potential and meet their needs and goals. All workers will understand that risk comes in many forms and that cultural abuse and racism are influential risk factors in Indigenous young people. It is also the responsibility and duty of care for all workers to be aware of who they work with in relation to the services provided to young people and to ensure that all young persons are protected from abuse and careful of whop interacts with the young people they work with. It is

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