Explain Why The Media Shouldn T Be Menial

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Media Shouldn’t Be Menial The idea that media can influence people of all ages in a positive and/or negative way is not usually challenged, and this is because of plentiful evidence against anyone who has stated that media is only one or the other. For example: Media cannot be only negative because it has connected people and ideas from around the world, rather than keeping us in the dark about what is happening in surrounding states and countries. It has helped individuals express their unique thoughts, opinions, and emotions, by displaying celebrities as they encourage these actions publicly. However, the negative aspects of media are as ugly as the positive aspects are beautiful… if not more so, and this is where I stand on the topic. Media, offering us chances…show more content…
You will only experience what directly affects you, and what you experience is all you will ever truly understand. What I don’t understand, however, is the idea that we should be focusing on the people that we can’t even see... If we were able to rise to a place of stability within our own country, in which we could afford to support people who didn’t need us to begin with, then I believe it would be our duty to supply other populations with the necessary means to get them out of a survivalist life and into one where they can breathe easy and drink clean water. But we can barely support our own, judging by the fact that there are still homeless and diseased Americans while we have some multi-billion-dollar celebrities with enough influence to convince their supporters that everyone is perfect as long as they feel comfortable - unless they can’t fit into a size 6 or look flawless in a bikini. Media has brought us out of a world that supplied us with the empathy capable of uplifting our acquaintances, and introduced one of detachment. Regardless of whether or not this was the intention of media, it is the consequence of endless connections; as is the endless supply of
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